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Furniture made by hand is characterized by a great passion for craftsmanship and the dedication put into each of its elements. These hand-crafted pieces require commitment to an age-old craft and traditional expertise, setting themselves apart from furniture made on a mass scale - delivering a high quality product with unique finishes and a captivating story. 


Excellent craftsmanship and a high-quality product helps us tackle one of the biggest contributors to global pollution and harmful environmental impact, today’s throw-away society. We’re passionate about providing you with pieces to enjoy for years and years, using materials that are natural and long-lasting. With longevity in mind, our artisan pieces are crafted from a desire to live simply, with timeless, functional designs that lend themselves to spaces of relaxed luxury. 


The irregularities in handwoven products stand out from that of an industrially produced one. Traditional cultural weaving gives a rich colour palette, unique finishes and a variety of designs that captivate collectors and inspire designers. Committed to designs that welcome these artisanal practices, we take pride in providing you with long-lasting, well-made pieces for your next project.