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How To Style a Sitting Nook

Satara Sales - Thursday, March 01, 2018

We were recently featured in the Herald Sun (24/02/2018). Check out the article & images below. (Featuring our Bella Rocking Chair, Anna Side Table & Americana Lounge Chair)


"If you live in a small home, making the most of your available space becomes super critical. The home study nook has become a popular way to use small, previously unused spaces, but there’s more than one way of furnishing — and enjoying — these zones. Not quite sure what these spaces are? They’re those odd spots, possibly just beyond the kitchen or off to the side of the hallway, that don’t strictly appear to belong to any designated room. They can be any small spaces in the home that are currently under-utilised. Satara business development manager Jules Hanby said these awkward spaces didn’t have to languish in the too-hard basket. As long as a small space is wide enough to fit a chair, it can be turned into a sitting nook. Not only will this create focus and style in whatever space it adjoins, but it becomes another useful area in the home. “The sitting nook should be working with the other areas of the home that it’s closest to, but it should also have something special about it that makes it stand slightly apart,” Ms Hanby said. “It shouldn’t just blend in. “Think about how you want to use this space. Are you going to be looking out to views? Or taking in natural light from a window? That will give you the first indication of how to position the most important item in that space — the chair.” Ms Hanby said a rug should be next on the list, followed by a side table. Rugs are an easy way to create a zone while the coffee or side table should be big enough to accommodate a book and a beverage. A floor or table lamp is another practical addition that can add height to the space. “I would also be looking at artwork for this room, to make it feel special,” Ms Hanby said. “It should be a relaxing space where you don’t have a TV, but it might be somewhere you sit and read a book or listen to music.”"

"How to style a sitting nook
■ Start with a comfortable chair that makes a statement on its own. You could buy something for the space or reupholster a chair you already have.
■ Add some height to balance the space. A lamp, plant stand or picture hung at eye level will work well.
■ Include a stylish and sturdy side table that is easy to reach from a sitting position, and add a book or magazine. A plant or fresh flowers will add a natural element.
■ Positioning a chair by the window is ideal for reading but if that’s not possible, go with a good task light.
■ Choose a small floor rug for the space. It will anchor the chair and make it more inviting."



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