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The Master Bedroom- A Special Retreat Within the Home

Laura B - Friday, April 05, 2019

The Master Bedroom - A Special Retreat Within the Home

Master bedroom, parents retreat, main bedroom- whatever you like to call the largest bedroom in your home, it can be so much more than a place to sleep! A space to retreat, even for a short while, to escape a busy family home or plonk down on an armchair with a great book. The bedroom may be a room visitors rarely see, so why not make it special for yourself?

Big or Small, it Doesn’t Matter

You may be thinking that your bedroom is far too small for it to be a retreat. We’re here to tell you that a small bedroom can be completely luxe! Focus on the bare essentials first- the bed, bedside tables and any required storage if you don’t have a wardrobe. Make these pieces as beautiful as you can manage. Try a canopy over the bed frame or splurge on the most luxurious bedlinen your budget will allow. If additional furniture won’t fit, try wallpapers, art and gorgeous light fittings to make a statement.


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Colour Schemes and Styles

There are many interior design styles that can be created within the bedroom scheme, it really depends on how you want the space to feel. Resort Vibes, Classic Luxury, Hollywood Regency, Clean and Contemporary are just a few ideas. The master bedroom doesn’t need to “flow” in style from the rest of the house, feel free to create something completely different!

Start with collating some photos from favourite hotels, Pinterest or magazine clippings. What looks special to you but is also achievable? What common threads can you see forming throughout your collection?


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Colours, styles, furniture and accessories flow from defining your interior design goals. If you’re uncertain, start with one piece you want to keep that you already own or the special piece you wish to purchase and work from there. Remember that colour is very powerful, choose wisely for the bedroom- a place of rest and relaxation. A bit of research into colour theory wouldn’t go astray before a big purchase too!

Furniture - Beds and Bedsides

The key pieces in the space are the bed and bedside tables.

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  • Beds - Your mattress is important, spend money here. The bed itself can range from a free-standing bedhead through to a full frame. Consider how much space you have for your bed frame. Measure it out in the room. If you are space-poor, consider a simple ensemble base with a beautiful artwork above. Bigger spaces command bolder furniture. Four poster beds or oversized bed heads work well here. Full timber frames are considered more contemporary than those with upholstery.


  • Bedside Tables - These bedroom pieces can be both gorgeous and practical. Ask yourself - do I need lots of storage? Do the bedsides need to match? If you are after a low-key, simple feel, co-ordinate your bedframe to the tables, or for a more eclectic look combine materials such as a timber bed frame with bedsides made from metal, bone-inlay or glass. A simple stool can make for a beautiful bedside table if storage is not an issue.  Have fun mixing and matching!

Armchairs and Reading Nooks

Some people are lucky to have enough space for additional pieces of furniture in the bedroom. This could range from a small armchair through to a whole sofa. Create a wonderful retreat within the home to read, meditate or just escape the family for a moment. Try not to compromise space to include these furniture pieces if you don’t have the room.

  • Armchairs - A good armchair in the bedroom can be so much more than somewhere to dump clothes after a long day. A fabric or upholstered armchair adds a softness to the interior. Timber armchairs can add interest and character through their sculptural line, just ensure it is comfortable to read or sit in long term.  

  • Sofas - If your room is very large, why not add a sofa or chaise? The ultimate luxury is to have somewhere to lie back and take in a book or magazine in your room - on a surface that’s not your bed!  Select fabrics that are either soft and muted or patterned to really stand out. You can then work a fabric “story” together with your cushions and bed linen.

  • Coffee Tables & Side Tables - A coffee table is a practical piece to add to the sofa or chair story. Layer with a rattan tray, a bunch of flowers and a candle for ultimate luxe.  A side table can be a handy spot to place a table lamp.

  • Ottomans & benches – An ottoman or bench at the end of a bed is a gorgeous addition to the master bedroom furniture. In a practical sense it becomes a surface to pop on shoes, aesthetically it can be the piece of furniture that brings fabric, timber or texture to the bedroom.

  • Tallboys & Chest of Drawers - If you need additional space to store things away a tallboy or chest of drawers can be a great addition to the master bedroom.  Choose a piece with the right dimensions, colour and design to compliment the other furniture pieces in the space.

Surfaces, Accessories & Final Touches   

The small details matter in the creation of a master bedroom retreat. Over-accessorising is not wise if you are trying to design a calming space. Choose your finishing touches wisely!

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  • Window Treatments – There are many options so approach this from a practical perspective. Different window treatments allow you to control heat and cool in the space.  Shutters are good at controlling light, lined drapes keep out light and help to control the temperature. Drapes are classic, blinds are contemporary, shutters are excellent at adding a contemporary spin to a more traditional window style.  Once you have decided on the style, the fabric and finish should work towards adding to the overall concept of the room.

  • Lighting - Lighting should be practical to allow reading with ease while adding ambience. A combination of styles is the best way to achieve this, such as overhead, dimmable lighting, bedside tables lamps or wall sconces.  

  • Cushions & Accessories - Wallpaper, art, cushions, trays, vases, throws, linen, photo frames and anything else that adds character are great accessories for the bedroom. A coastal styled bedroom can be achieved with raw timbers, rattans and woven materials.  Or a bohemian styled bedroom could include miss-matched cushions and fabrics with a wallpapered wall layered with art.

  • Rugs and Flooring – A floor rug should either be the feature or a supporting element in the room.  If it is going to be a feature piece, select the rug and colours and build the room around it.  If furniture and colours have already been selected then the rug will support the existing colour scheme.

Pinterest or home design magazines are great for inspiration. The master bedroom is a private and personal room. Add framed family photos, a beautiful tray to place jewellery at the end of the day or a travel memento - don’t be completely consumed by trends, create a space that is your own to enjoy!



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