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First Impressions- Creating a Gorgeous and Welcoming Entrance to your Home

Laura B - Thursday, March 07, 2019

First Impressions- Creating a Gorgeous and Welcoming Entrance to your Home

Entryways are the often forgotten spaces in our homes, the dumping ground for shoes, keys and bags and every other necessity. How can we create beautiful, yet practical spaces that we first encounter when we arrive home? The room may not even be a room, more a nook or a hallway, but there is no reason not to have something special here regardless of size.

Assess Space and Requirements

First things first- how much space do you have? Can you add furniture or will space only allow for surface treatment (i.e. a gorgeous wallpaper or floating shelf etc.)? Consider how the door opens and how not to crowd one of the highest traffic areas in the home. Once you have assessed the space- what do you want the area to do? Are you a family who kick the shoes off at the front door? Would you like an area to pop keys, mail and other bits and pieces? Would you like the space to just feel more special and a reflection of the people who live in the home?


If you answered “STORAGE!” to the above, consider the following additions to your entryway.


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  • Consoles- Consoles are excellent as they can provide storage and practical drawers or doors while allowing a nice surface to also decorate and add character. Measure carefully to ensure the console of choice will fit without obstructing doors or thoroughfares.

  • Baskets- Sometimes there’s just not enough room for a large piece of furniture in the entry. Baskets are a great option if that’s the case in your home. Try grouping a few baskets for different items- one for shoes, another for umbrellas for example.

  • Coat racks or hooks- Again, an excellent option for space-poor homes. There are so many gorgeous options in materials such as leather, timber and stone. Have some fun!

Take a Seat

Having a place to sit and take your shoes off (or pop them on!) is a lovely addition to your entryway. Have some fun with your selection, it doesn’t need to be too comfortable or practical as you won’t be sitting here too long.

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  • Armchairs- This option is gorgeous if you’re blessed with plenty of room. Be confident with colour and pick a fabric which stands out- or at least an interesting cushion to accessorise.

  • Bench seats- Bench seats work well for many reasons. From a practical perspective you can use it as a seat, but they also allow for another surface to decorate on. Layer some cushions, a throw or books on one end or tuck baskets underneath for additional storage.

  • Ottomans and stools- For a smaller space, you can place a small ottoman or stool under an open console when not being used. Something light and easy to manoeuvre can be a handy piece for an entry.

All About Aesthetics

If you feel the space is too limited for furniture there’s no reason you can’t add plenty of character to the entry. Think outside the square and look to your surfaces in the space.


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  • Lighting- Look up! A stunning pendant light or a wall sconce can add to the look you’re trying to achieve (think: glamour, rustic charm or coastal vibes) while being practical to boot.

  • Wallpapers and paints- Adding wallpaper or changing up the paint colour here can be all that’s needed to create impact. There are so many beautiful options to choose from. Order samples and test them out in the space- be brave, it doesn’t have to be permanent!

  • Art- It goes without saying that art adds instant character to a room or space. Anything goes in an entryway. Over-scaled artworks in bold colours to small collections of photos or vintage posters, choose something that reflects you and your family’s tastes, travels, heritage or anything else that strikes a chord.

  • Mirrors- A mirror too can be as beautiful as art. A timber frame through to metals or bamboo, there’s so many to choose from. Asides from the aesthetic value, it’s an excellent way to check your outfit before leaving the house!

  • Accessories- If you have a console or hall table in your entry, you can have a lot of fun accessorising the space. Try trays and decorative boxes to house keys and other small bits and pieces. Shells, sculptures, books, flowers and other objects of interest add instant character.

Excess Space

Having too much space, or an abundance of space can be a blessing and a curse. What do you use this space for? Can it be utilised practically or should it be purely about beauty?

Some ideas to consider:

    Satara Noah Buffet                                         Satara Omni Table                        

  • Tables- A gorgeous round table without chairs in an entryway can be a powerful sight when walking in. Change up the centrepiece often, from large floral arrangements, bowls of fruit or piles of hardback books.

  • Storage pieces- If you have wall space to allow it, include a beautiful buffet or console where you can house all manner of things.

  • Consider scale- No matter what you select to furnish a larger entryway with, always consider scale. Any item which is too small will appear silly or ill-considered- this goes for art, rugs, furniture or lighting.


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